About us

EarlyBird was started from the desire of having coffee that was convenient, versatile, and sustainable. We are thrilled to have you along for the ride!

Humble Beginnings

Our co-founder, Sarah, knows all about working late nights as a pediatric nurse and indulging in a cup (or two) of coffee to help power herself through a shift. Yet, working the night shift comes with certain drawbacks: most coffee shops are closed. Tired of depending on stale coffee that was brewed hours ago in the break room, Sarah began experimenting with brews of her own.

Love Is a Cup of Coffee

She knew she wanted something that would travel well, take up very little storage space, and be easily customized. After months of experimentation (and recruiting fellow nurses as taste-testers), she finally perfected a formula that had everything she loved in a cup of coffee: low acidity and bitterness with a bold, robust flavor. She loved it so much she knew she had to share!