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5 Reasons EarlyBird's Coffee Concentrate Is the New Go-To

Here are the top 5 reasons why coffee drinkers are getting rid of their coffee pods, skipping the coffee shop lines and saving both time and money:

1. Say Bye-bye to bitterness (and adios to acidity)

I know, sorry. But the point has to be made. Typical instant coffee is first brewed in huge batches before being spray-dried to reach its final state as a powder. This extra step is where all the chemicals come in and leave you with that not-so-nice taste. Earlybird Concentrate doesn’t use this process – meaning you get the full-bodied flavor you’d expect from a barista.

2. Less hassle, more hustle

Whether you’re rushing out the door in the morning, or back to ‘just one more episode’ of your latest binge show. Earlybird was made with time in mind. Simply open the fridge, grab a bottle of concentrate, and add to water or milk. No more clock-watching at the coffee shop (or song and dance routine to get a machine to do what you tell it). Just full, rich coffee ready to go as soon as that craving kicks in.

3. Hot, cold… lukewarm?
(No judgment here, promise)

Earlybird concentrate is kept in the fridge. Want a hot drink? Just add hot water. Fancy an iced latte? Pour a serving over ice and milk. You can literally be as creative or boring with your concoctions as you like, there’s nothing holding you back.

4. Coffee with a cause

EarlyBird has partnered with Trees for the Future and Food 4 Farmers so we can do something good while we make your coffee better. What does that actually look like? Every order placed means 1 tree planted, 4 lbs of CO2 sequestered, and 8 square feet of land restored. Earlybird also comes packaged in a reusable, recyclable glass bottle to stay on the sustainable side.

5. Affordable indulgence

Earlybird coffee is freshly brewed from 100% Arabica coffee beans and shipped in small batches to make sure you get the highest quality, every time. 
Now the real game-changer with Earlybird is the $0.69 you pay per serving – compare that to the hundreds you’d dish out for an espresso machine on top of the refills or beans you’re buying, and the numbers start looking really good.

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Rich, bold coffee taste

Starting at $0.69 per serving

Eliminates waste from pods

Made in small batches for lightning fast delivery

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Ships Within 24 Hours

Ships Within 24 Hours

Try it & Love it or your money back

Try it & Love it or Your Money Back

“Not only did EarlyBird Coffee save me over $100 last month but it tastes delicious and ships to my door for free!”